Department Preview

Dental Public Health

Second year

Objectives of the Department (Dental Public Health):

At the end of the course, the students should be able to:

o    Demonstrate a complete understanding about the concepts of Public health and primary        healthcare and their delivery system in the community.

o    Describe different preventive measures to address the prevailing oral and dental problems in the community in each and every level.

o    Describe the concept and methods of epidemiology to design simple research in dental background

o    Apply concept of behavioral science to organize oral health education program to motivate children, parents, special care group & help them to have a healthy oral cavity

o    Describe the concept of dental jurisprudence and address the legal issues in dentistry


 Acquired Competencies (Dental Public Health):

o    Plan & conduct field survey properly

o    Provide instruction about—Brushing, Flossing, Inter-dental cleansing aid, Mouthwash

o    Produce & promote oral health promotional materials such as poster, festoon, leaflet, hand bill, banner etc.

o    Interact with the community people about oral health status.

o    Rehabilitate the peoples with a healthy permanent dentition by delivering appropriate knowledge of prevention.

o    Act as a social worker regarding establishing a good oral health status among the community people.

o    Instruction about proper oral hygiene practice.

o    Act as an oral health educator.

o    Interpret research findings from published journals and articles.

o    Students competent to work in primary health care settings

o    Practice professional life ethically and according to the legal framework of the country.

o    Demonstrates the knowledge understanding of social and psychological pattern of diseases causation and its management accordingly.


Honorable Teachers

Teachers photo

Dr. Md. Shahriar Zaman

Associate Professor